fun night......not really

Just got back from painting some pottery with my Mom, and her best friend and we had a blast. Unfortunately, it took almost 4 hours. Yes you read that right 4 hours painting pottery! Yeesh...did not expect that, but it was a good way to keep my mind of the fact that my boyfriend is at his Sniper Endocs for four days. He will be home on Sunday, but I never thought I would miss him this much. This is good practice for us for when I leave for thirteen weeks...
Even though he is gone I have been keeping up on my working out! Today after going to the gym I drove around town and clocked a mile and a half so I can practice for my IST on Tuesday!

So all in all, tonight was fun (painting pottery) but not really since my BF is out of town...

off to bed now (Big Yawn)


Living Large

So, not much going on today. My BF is at his Sniper Endocs this weekend so it is going to be pretty boring on the home front. I miss him bunches already, but this is good practice for when I leave for thirteen weeks to Boot Camp.

Heading out to the gym right now, and if I do say so myself I am doing pretty good. Went to the female Dr. Monday and she asked me if I was losing weight, because I looked really good (excuse me Dr. but are you saying I looked fat the last time I saw you?! ) But, alas, I had not lost a pound, just firming up from working out so much! I am going to work on abs, shoulders, and biceps and then run about 3 miles. Yeah!!


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